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Leedy Abbey Counseling - Counseling and Psychiatric Care


Leedy Abbey Counseling Services offers a unique approach to your mental health needs, and we believe in a holistic approach to health care and healing. We are conveniently located in Camp Hill and in a private and peaceful location close to downtown Carlisle. Our psychiatric nurse practitioner, who also has a background as a family nurse practitioner, offers an integrative approach for your wellness needs, and can incorporate herbal treatments with traditional medicine. This approach is referred to as Complementary Medicine. Gene Sight Testing is also offered to assist in determining which medications to prescribe according to how well certain medications metabolize in your body.

Holistic approaches not only involve traditional counseling. Leedy Abbey Counseling also offers guided meditations or guided imagery, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Retraining), and hypnosis. Some of our licensed providers are also Reiki masters and can offer this separately or in conjunction with your counseling or mental health care. Additionally, past life regression therapy is offered to those interested in a more non-traditional approach to their wellness and has been an invaluable tool for many in understanding some deeper meanings to their lives.

We offer a safe and welcoming home to our LGBT+ community. Please call us at 717-241-2345 or E-Mail us for more information about our services.