Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression–Anne Leedy, MS, LPC

My own journey as a therapist has taught me to listen not only to my instincts and but also to the stories of those whose lives I touch professionally and that by being with them I can learn from their journeys. Stepping into the world of past life regression was something I would have never imagined and I struggled with the concept of past life therapy for a few years after I started hearing about this type of work. Having been raised in a mainstream Protestant church, this was not something that was really discussed and in other faiths would be absolutely frowned upon. The person who first introduced me to the idea of doing therapy around the concept of past life therapy was a UCC minister, of all people, who directed me to the writings of Brian Weiss, MD, a psychiatrist who stumbled onto this in his practice of doing traditional hypnotherapy. I read his books, attended several of his lectures and trainings and became a believer.

As I was already working with trauma and was certified in hypnosis, I started doing work with several clients who actually asked me if I would do this work with them. Sometimes I think we are led into the work we do and there are really no coincidences in life. This is what I referred to earlier as learning from my clients and accepting that we are sometimes led gently (sometimes not so gently) into finding new ways of healing.

The results were amazing. While I have not compiled the number of cases Dr. Weiss has, the work actually brought healing and peace to these individuals. These people felt stuck in issues, had fears that made no sense or a sense of foreboding that they couldn’t put their finger on. After the past life regression concluded and information from the session was processed, relief was immediate and clients reported an “ah ha” moment and this peace continues to this day.

In reincarnation, is believed that we unconsciously bring events from one life to another, to perhaps find closure or help one’s understanding of their greater soul’s purpose. Some find that their sense of deja vu now makes sense or explains why they feel a soul connection to another. We may bring gifts or talents into this life or we need to resolve a trauma. While there are many individuals who practice this, I personally believe that due to the unknown of material that may be processed, this should only be done by a trained therapist who also is certified in hypnosis.

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