Karen Jaskot

[email protected]

ACSW, Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW), CAADC

Angela MillerSince completing graduate school in 1987, I have had a full career with many amazing opportunities. I have been a therapist in several settings in both Michigan and Pennsylvania. I worked at Henry Ford Health System Maplegrove Centers in the metro Detroit area for over ten years, a substance abuse setting that also treated mental health conditions. I was the Clinical Supervisor for an international Employee Assistance Program, or EAP. I have held hospital leadership positions, developed and implemented programs, lead organizational retreats, provided work setting team building and leadership trainings, and provided presentations in many settings.

I approach my work with clients and families from an integrated perspective, looking at three key areas: physical health and conditions, addictions, and mental health. I treat clients from a family systems perspective that takes into account family dynamics, family composition, roles, and changes. I like to build upon individual and family strengths as I walk with my clients on their personal journey of change.

I work with a large range of client issues and populations, from children through adulthood and aging. I am a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor and provide substance abuse evaluations and treatment. I specialize in addictions, mental health conditions, emotional responses to medical conditions, eating disorders, trauma and abuse recovery, grief and loss, and family therapy. I treat clients in several modalities: individual, couples treatment, group and family therapy. I am a solution focused cognitive behavioral therapist that capitalizes upon the strengths of individuals and families. I work with my clients to identify a vision for what they want to change in their lives and define action steps to make that vision reality.